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Restoration technology textbook(Video and pdf)English edition

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Japan's unique delicate and beautiful technology is the technology of drawing wood by putting resin in scratches on wooden products. Please learn this technique. Japanese delicate and aesthetic sensibility may not be imitated by other countries. The art of putting resin in the scratches on the tree and writing them to repair them is an art. I have 20 years of management and 300 member store achievements, and I will give you guidance on the video. --------------------------------------- Contents of teaching material(教材内容) 1.解説(pdf) Commentary.pdf 2.描きを学ぶ(pdf) Learn to draw 3.樹脂の扱い基本(Video) Basic handling of resin 4.樹脂色の選定方法復習(Video) Selection method of resin color Review 5.樹脂入れの前の着色処置(Video) Coloring treatment before placing the resin 6.艶消し塗装(Video) Matte paint 7.熱ゴテの利用方法(Video) How to use hot iron 8.描きの基本(Video) Drawing basics 9.集客活動用補修例映像(Video) Repair example video for attraction activities Know-how cultivated for 20 years is too cheap for this, but it is true. 20年間培ったノウハウがこれでは安すぎますが本当です。 Our website http://sumaocu.com/angel/japanese-wood/ 補修サンプル Repair sample http://ematome.net/

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